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“The Oil” is made with the same ingredients listed in Exodus chapter 30, with just a touch of Lavender! It has been Consecrated to be used for prayer and to enjoy.

The Ingredients are:

OLIVE OIL~ Symbolizing the Holy Spirit; The One who renews our mind to make us more like Jesus.

MYRRH~ Symbolizes Meekness; having the strength to surrender one's desire to submit to God’s Service.

CINNAMON~ It represents Integrity; Standing for what is right in the eyes of the Lord.

CALAMUS ~ Symbolizing Humility; setting aside selfish ambitions to fully trust and obey God.

CASSIA ~ This is one of the first known spices. It stands for Inner Cleansing. The state of desiring to clean up all the unnecessary rooms in our lives to make room for what is after God’s Heart!


The Oil is very Powerful! It is placed in a beautiful dropper bottle, to give you control of how much you use! We recommend that you use it sparingly until you are familiar with the strength and fragrance.

The Oil Fur.png
Screenshot Oil Black Rock Gold Bag.png

 ***Bottle colors are not available upon request...Colors are chosen at random*** 

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